Reasons to upgrade to IOS 10

Many Apple lovers wait with baited breath not only for the release of the newest products from the hardware giant but for their operating systems as well.

IOS 10, the latest incarnation of Apple’s system software for their smartphones and other devices was released in September this year. If you are wondering if you should upgrade to the new system immediately or not, let’s give you a few reasons why you should not wait.

Improved message system

Perhaps the greatest new feature about the iOS 10 messaging system is that you now can play any embedded content right from the message without the need to even leave your current conversation.

Other than that, all messages can be hidden until the recipient themselves swipes each message to reveal them. A range of animations are also available, while for lovers of emojis, iOS 10 will now suggest certain of them to replace actual words that you might have used.

Note, you will also be able to add stickers, your own Gifs, edit photos and even make payments within messages themselves.

Maps redesigned

The built-in iOS map system is now far easier to use. In fact, outside developers are now allowed to include extensions they have created for the map feature. For example, you can have an extension for Uber which allows you to book rides right from the map screen. Other companies have followed suit with OpenTable allowing you to book that romantic dinner from the map screen as well.

And for those who wonder how long a pit stop will affect travelling time on a long trip? Maps now can calculate that for you as well!


We all love to use our iPhones to take photos. Apple have taken note of this and given the photo application a total redesign. Coupled with another new feature ‘Memories’, your phone will present a range of photos that you may have forgotten about. These are cleverly all grouped together in a separate collection and can even be viewed as a movie which you can edit accordingly including adding titles as well as music.


In our book, Siri has always been a little bit hit and miss. This newest update to iOS 10 has now allowed for developers to work within the framework of Siri.  Now you can give voice commands to Siri as well as other apps through the Siri framework. Apps currently making use of this include Slack, WhatsApp, RunKeeper, Skype and WeChat. How does this work? Well as an example, you can now use Siri to book you an Uber ride or perhaps even make a payment for you.